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UKMAGB Details - The United Kingdom Martial Arts Governing Body

The UKMAGB was established to cover all Martial Arts disciplines in the UK, including Ju Jitsu, Karate Jutsu, Karate, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The UKMAGB can offer insurance services, coaches courses leading to NVQ qualification, BTEC Self Defence Trainer qualification, referee and officials courses across all martial arts disciplines. The membership criteria can be obtained from the Chairman of the UKMAGB, and the benefits of belonging to the UKMAGB commence from the date of membership / affiliation.

Chairman: Brian Herbert - 9th Dan

50 Hackamore,

Club and Association Affiliation

The UKMAGB club affiliation scheme allows Martial Arts clubs and associations that are not currently affiliated, to join the Organisation.

With affiliation comes the membership of the UKMAGB - The Organisation for Martial Arts in England - and this provides many benefits to the clubs, instructor and students, that are unavailable outside of the Organisation.
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