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Junior Course & Championships - 2007

Report by Colin Humbles - 4th Dan

2nd Junior Course & Competition

Sir Charles Lucas Sports Centre, Hawthorn Avenue, Colchester

23rd September 2007

A big thank you to everyone who helped, took part in and watched the 2nd Jikishin Course and Competition. It was a very successful event with all that attended having fun and learning a lot.

We started by introducing all the Senseis who then continued the day by delivering an excellent course with new techniques and ideas learnt by all. The course ended with an enjoyable games session (and certificate presentation for the juniors) that sapped their last energy reserves after working so hard on the whole course.

There was a quick break to regain power and then straight into the competition.

As you can see from the table below, it was a fast flowing and hard fought day with the honours split evenly amongst the attending clubs.

The day finished with the medal ceremony and all left happy and on time. Podium pictures are available on request from Sensei Colin Humbles.

Thanks once again to everyone and we all look forward the 17th National Course and Competition coming up very shortly in Southend.

Junior Groundfighting Flyweight
Gold Medal Ben Treloar Billericay
Silver Medal Issy Langdon NEEJ
Bronze Medla Ethan Harvey NEEJ
Bronze Medla Edward Cottee NEEJ
Junior Groundfighting Lightweight
Gold Medal Freddie Langdon NEEJ
Silver Medal Lee Hanbury NEEJ
Bronze Medla Daniel Cole Romford
Junior Groundfighting Middleweight
Gold Medal Lauren McLardy NKJJK
Silver Medal Emma Dickens Corringham
Bronze Medla Jake Ross NEEJ
Junior Groundfighting Heavyweight
Gold Medal Robert King NEEJ
Silver Medal Alex Bridger Corringham
Bronze Medla Ryan Blake NEEJ
Junior Random Attacks White Yellow
Gold Medal Rosie Folan OEL
Silver Medal Peter Hull NEEJ
Bronze Medla Issy Langdon NEEJ
Junior Random Attacks Orange Green
Gold Medal Daniel Cole Romford
Silver Medal Caroline Izod Romford
Bronze Medla Oscar Potter OEL
Junior Random Attacks Blue and above
Gold Medal Alan Izod Romford
Silver Medal Adam Reeves OEL
Bronze Medla Emily Widdick OEL
Junior Sparring Lightweight
Gold Medal Lauren McLardy NKJJK
Silver Medal Jake Ross NEEJ
Bronze Medla Megan Leitch NEEJ
Junior Sparring Heavyweight
Gold Medal Ben Reeves OEL
Silver Medal Robert King NEEJ
Bronze Medla Alex Bridger Corringham
Adult Random Attacks
Gold Medal Simon Kingdon NEEJ
Silver Medal Ben Reeves OEL
Bronze Medla Sharon Bozza OEL
Adult Groundwork
Gold Medal Jon Suleyman OEL
Silver Medal Lydia Lacey OEL
Bronze Medla Peter Gilmore OEL