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Medal Winners & Course & Competition Photographs from the Jikishin 2016 Kata & Random Attacks Nationals.

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2016 Kent Competition

Line Up at Kent Jikishin Ju Jitsu Competition 2016


Report: Sensei Peter McCarney
Photos: Earl Walker

We returned to Ditton Community Centre for the 2nd Kent Kata and Competition following the great success of the inaugural event last year. KentSamurai and North Kent Ju Jitsu Kai worked hard again to arrange the course and this showed in the detailed preparation that bore such fruit. Upon arrival, Senseis Ann Kitchener, 4th Dan, and Trudy Kitchener, 1st Dan accepted the Budo Passes and booked in all participants. The Hall was already prepared with 3 sets of mats already down and a large seating area for spectators, which also included the stage.

Sensei Peter McCarney Performing Kata in CompetitionThe Event opened and the senior senseis were introduced to both players and spectators. These included Hanshi Brian Herbert, 8th Dan, Head of Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association, Shihan Ricky Izod, 7th Dan, Senseis Eddie Garvey, Steve Cole, Sandy Mackay, Earl Walker, 5th Dan, Ann and Terry Kitchener, Lee Bywater 4th Dan.

Sensei Earl Walker, National Fighting System Coach and owner of diverse skill sets, then took control of Mat 1 and drilled players in various Ground-Fighting techniques. Sensei Lee Bywater, took Mat 2 for Random Attack. He is also the Coach to Team UK Random Attack Squad so this was a good opportunity for many to practise skills and to show the spectators what can be achieved through guided training.

Shihan Ricky Izod stepped onto Mat 3 and using Sensei Steve Cole as Uke, took the players through clever Ju Jitsu techniques so as to extend their knowledge and feed their Imagination. One such example was the use of the forward hand, in which most Jitsuka deploy as an ?S? Block or ?Goose? Block. However, Shihan Ricky used it to Deflect the punch, which he then pinned with an Outside Block, allowing his now free hand to Distract with a Strike to the Floating Ribs. He then used the same hand to execute a Circular Block to open up the Guard of the Uke so allowing him to further Distract with a Right Punch to the Solar Plexus or Chest. Got that? No? Good. Go and train with him and he?ll show you. Remember, students must always train under a suitably qualified instructor. That warning aside, the next part of Shihan Ricky?s technique was to pivot into a Throw. What he was drawing out here, was Correct Movement allows for Momentum to Inform the Throw making it appear Effortless. It?s easy to overlook this as many less skilled use Strength to haul the Uke over. Nuance and Skill are the qualities of the senior sensei and Shihan Ricky exemplifies this in his Technique; it?s Implicit and not an ?Add-On?. The result of years of training, practise and increased Understanding.

Brothers Lewis & Ben Mays compete in Groundfighting for Gold & SilverAfter more in this vein, Sensei Steve Cole took control of the mat and demonstrated a range of techniques to the students, which included Senseis Brian Hicks, Lee Williams, 2nd Dan, Ronan Winters, 1st Dan and others. Sensei Steve will be hosting the Swindon course in the near future so this would be another opportunity to learn from him as we always do when we visit his dojo. I also noticed Sensei Dave Gadd, 3rd Dan, Swindon Ju Jitsu, prowling the mat. By now, you will know that I was on Mat 3 so was unable to view Mats 1 and 2 but I heard the encouragement and enthusiasm of all.

After a short lunch, we marched on in grade order and Hanshi Brian spoke to all in opening the Competition phase of the Event. As ever, Hanshi Brian urged all to enjoy the day and that?s really what it?s about; taking part and showing spectators what can be achieved through correct training and instruction.

Sensei Eddie Garvey - Katana KataMat 1 was given over to Kata for Kyu Grades. I was lucky enough to be a judge and joined Senseis Eddie Garvey and Tony Park, 3rd Dan. We were continually impressed by the high standards of all students. Some medals were decided by the smallest of margins; others were ?tied? and needed a recall to the mat for a decision. All did very well - it was great to see - and this made the judging the more testing

Sensei Wayne Williams Performing KataMats 2 and 3 hosted Ground-fighting, Random Attacks and Senior Kata. I saw Sensei Brian Hicks perform Naginata Kata, Sensei Wayne Williams, 3rd Dan, perform a high quality Tonfa Kata. Sensei Eddie Garvey performed Presentation, 4 Cuts, De-Presentation of Katana (Samurai Sword) and rightly won Gold. For Open Hand, Sensei Lee Williams performed a very good Long Stance Kata (I shall be stealing some of this). Sensei Wayne performed 1st Blocking Kata. Sensei Eddie performed 3rd Blocking Kata and won Gold again.

For Random Attacks, Sensei Andy Jones, 3rd Dan, displayed his usual high standard and Sensei Chris Carter, 2nd Dan, as Uke, bore witness to this. Get well soon, Sensei Chris. Sensei Eddie showed great technique. I was also able to see Adam Ramsey show excellent Random Attacks technique and he rightly won a medal. Me? I went out early. I was again caught out by a Wrist Grab and I then waited for the punch that never came.... You?d think I?d know better ?cos I?ve been caught out by this before. Not to worry, it allowed me more time to watch a great competition; inventive and skilled technique,with Ukes committed to playing their part. A testament to TEAM UK Squad training but also in-club training. The spectators seemed thrilled, so it must have gone down well.

Jo & Bokken Kata in Pairs Demonstration - Lee Williams & Brian HicksA pause now to thank the kind ladies who volunteered to run the Refreshments and provided excellent Tea, Coffee and Cakes. I made repeated visits so on behalf of myself and everyone else, ?Thank You?.

Upon completion of the Competitions came the awarding of Medals. This was a great opportunity to mount the podium and received an award from Hanshi Brian, Shihan Ricky, Sensei Terry Kitchener. In addition to the applause from the spectators and participants, Sensei Earl Walker kindly took the formal photographs to mark the successes of all.

A final word to mark all those who assisted this great event and not otherwise mentioned. Thank you; Sensei Rula Metaxas, 3rd Dan, for all the behind the scenes organisation, also, Senseis Glen Williamson, 1st Dan, Sophia Allwood, 1st Dan, Martin Kidd, 3rd Dan, Jackie Walker, 4th Dan for helping out through the day and judging and more. Here?s to a Return in 2017.



Pee Wee - Random Attacks
Gold Medal William Gaish East Thurrock
Silver Medal Samuel Bull East Thurrock
Bronze Medal Tom Williamson NKJJK
Bronze Medal Rocco Renaldo-King East Thurrock
White to Orange 9-10 Years - Random Attacks
Gold Medal Cody Symmington OEL
Silver Medal Kendall Manning KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Owen Meehan KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Nicola Davis NEEJJ
White to Orange 11-14 Years - Random Attacks
Gold Medal Ellis McCullock NEEJJ
Silver Medal Amy Roxburgh KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Ben Gardiner NEEJJ
Bronze Medal Harry Gaish East Thurrock
Adult Female - Random Attacks
Gold Medal Hui Ning Chong NKJJK
Silver Medal Sharan Gill Ishigaki
Bronze Medal Sophia Allwood East Thurrock
Adult Male - Random Attacks
Gold Medal Eddie Garvey KentSamurai
Silver Medal Adam Ramsey NKJJK
Bronze Medal Andy Jones East Thurrock
Pee Wee - Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal Holly Daniels Thurrock Karate-jitsu
Silver Medal Tom Williamson NKJJK
Bronze Medal William Gai East Thurrock
White - Orange 9 Years Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal James Elliot KentSamurai
Silver Medal Harley Pengally KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Farrell Mansukani KentSamurai
White - Yellow Over 11 Years Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal Emily Briggs NKJJK
Silver Medal Ellis McCullock NEEJJ
Bronze Medal Ryan Botten NKJJK
Orange - Blue Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal Amy Munt East Thurrock
Silver Medal Olivia Pasquale East Thurrock
Bronze Medal Ryan Fleming Hando
Purple - Brown Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal Tyler Hudson East Thurrock
Silver Medal Kristos Metaxas KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Beau Cooper East Thurrock
Adults - Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal Eddie Garvey KentSamurai
Silver Medal Lee Williams Ishigaki
Bronze Medal Wayne Williams Thurrock Karate-Jitsu
Pee Wee - Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Sophie Botten North Kent
Silver Medal Luke Roxburgh KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Tru Ensinger Hando
White - Orange Under 10's - Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Farrell Mansukani KentSamurai
Silver Medal Ruby Freeman Hando
Bronze Medal Thomas Briggs NKJJK
White - Orange Over 10's - Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Miles Tremain KentSamurai
Silver Medal Oscar Blacker KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Lucie Calvert NKJJK
Green - Brown 10 - 13 - Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Kristos Metaxas Garvey KentSamurai
Silver Medal Keiron Metaxas-Garvey KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Olivia Pasquale East Thurrock
Green - Brown Over 13 - Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Alex Murray KentSamurai
Silver Medal Ben Whittlesea KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Tyler Hudson NKJJK
Adults - Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Eddie Garvey KentSamurai
Silver Medal Wayne Williams Thurrock Karate-Jitsu
Bronze Medal Peter McCarney Imperial
Pee Wee - Pairs Kata
Gold Medal Frankie Hart
Frankie Phillips
7 -10 - Pairs Kata
Gold Medal Samuel Bull
William Gaish
East Thurrock
East Thurrock
Silver Medal Connor Honey
Joshua Pooley
Bronze Medal Adam Robinson
Luke Roxburgh
Over 11 - Pairs Kata
Gold Medal Tyler Hudson
Thomas Pasquale
East Thurrock
East Thurrock
Silver Medal Beau Cooper
Olivia Pasquale
East Thurrock
East Thurrock
Bronze Medal Ailis McConachie-Smith
Amy Roxburgh
Adult - Pairs Kata
Gold Medal Eddie Garvey
Martin Kidd
Silver Medal Lee Williams
Brian Hicks
Bronze Medal Peter McCarney
Sandy McKay
Pee Wee - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Floyd Manusukani KentSamurai
Silver Medal Tom Williamson NKJJK
Bronze Medal William Gaish East Thurrock
Bronze Medal Rocco Reynoldi-King East Thurrock
Boys Junior Under 35kg - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Adam Robinson KentSamurai
Silver Medal Ellis McCullock NEEJJ
Bronze Medal Emilio Elgar KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Kendall Manning KentSamurai
Boys Junior Under 40kg - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Lewis Mays Hando
Silver Medal Ben Mays Hando
Bronze Medal Ben Gardiner North Kent
Bronze Medal Archie Goodger Hando
Boys Junior Under 41-52kg - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Taran Kullar KentSamurai
Silver Medal James Cripps KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Hayden Guildford-Ross
Bronze Medal Sam Cook KentSamurai
Boys Junior 53-65kg - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Tyler Smith KentSamurai
Silver Medal James Robinson KentSamurai
Bronze Medal Ryan Davis NEEJJ
Bronze Medal Tyler Hudson East Thurrock
Boys Junior Over 65kg - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Manjeet Bharj Swindon
Silver Medal Brandon Dunkerley KentSamurai
Silver Medal Mikey Lyons Hando
Bronze Medal Thomas Pasquale East Thurrock
Girls Open - Groundfighting
Gold Medal Katie Williamson
Silver Medal Olivia Pasquale
East Thurrock
Bronze Medal Lucie Calvert NKJJK