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17th Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association International Course & Championships - 2007

Report by Peter McCarney

Hanshi Brian Herbert - TeachingIt was 9am for Registration and Weigh-In for all participants and competitors so we could gather for the 9:30AM Start at the excellent Southend Tennis and Leisure Centre. The International was opened by Sensei Brian Herbert, 7th Dan and Head of Jikishin, who thanked everyone for attending and handed over the mic to Sensei Vince Bull, who introduced Senseis John Hunt, 7th Dan, Ricky Izod, Graham Sergeant, Chris Shepperd, Brian Mallon, Lee Philips, 5th Dans all from Jikishin together with Guest International Senseis Eric Schoot, 6th Dan, Club Sensei Wichelen, Sensei Steven van Hauwermeiren, 5th Dan, Club Sensei Erpe, Sensei Hassan Emankaf, 5th Dan Club Sensei Anderlecht and Sensei Stefan Seyaert, 1st Dan, Club Sensei Diksmuide from Belgium; Sensei J. Johansson from Denmark; Master Kan Chinese boxing and Danny Buzzotta Vale Tudo. We were also delighted to have Sensei Martin Dixon, 8th Dan, together with his wife, Sensei Sheila Dixon, 7th Dan. They were present through-out the day and Sheila helped with the Judging.

Sensei John Hunt Teaching Technique with BatonVince then handed back to Sensei Brian, who invited Grant Wakeman, 3rd Dan, to lead the Warm-Up. It was a pleasant surprise that allowed everyone to exercise their muscles through a sensible Range of Movement supplemented by Striking and Kicking Drills: such a contrast to our usual Assault Course Circuit Style Warm-Up with which we usually begin our training sessions. Jason Warren 2nd Dan Norwich JJ was nicely aglow but seemed disappointed to miss out on the usual 100 press-ups, sit-ups and more that he has learned so well from his visits to us.

GroundfightingWith so much to get through, Sensei Brian encouraged everyone to assemble on their allotted mat space so the seminar work could begin. As I got to the Black Belt mat, Sensei Brian Mallon had already begun to teach so it was catch-up for me. He taught what he called ?Dance Steps?, well it looked pretty deadly to me. He then built on this with variations that enthused us as students: I was with Grant and Eddie Garvey, 3rd Dan, who were delighted at what was being taught. Sensei Mallon handed over to Sensei Graham Sergeant, who introduced an under-the-Bicep Strike allowing you to drop down to knuckle strike the outer thigh and then punish both inner thighs so allowing a take down of the Right Leg and the application of a Leg Bar. Crikey. That will be limit of technical knowledge because you should only practise under the eye of a qualified sensei. Graham also used Sensei Rick Allder, 3rd Dan, as Uke to demonstrate additional techniques: should I add that Sensei Colin Humbles, 4th Dan, also acted as Uke? This should give you an idea of the quality of the instructors and the high grades of the students on the Dan Grade Mats.

Dan Burzotta Teaching mmaDaniel Buzzotta taught a simple yet sophisticated Takedown. The simplest ideas can also be the most difficult to grasp by the student ? well, that?s your writers experience. He was perfectly clear in his instruction and wholly fluent in his application ? if only I could emulate his quiet skill(!). Daniel is a Jikishin Dan Grade and MMA (Cage) Fighter. I recall him in past Internationals winning both Sparring and Groundfighting with ease, so skilled is he. Well, he?s now moved into the more competitive arena and passed on to us a glimpse of his talents.

Sensei Steven van Hauweremieren Teaching TechniqueThe rotation of senior Senseis continued through Senseis Eric Schoot later by Sensei Steven Van Hauwermeiren from Belgium to Sensei Johansson from Denmark (who reminded us of the legal consequences of Self Defence when he taught knife defences) through to Sensei Brian using Sensei Ray Egleton, 3rd Dan as Uke, who showed some ?fast hands? exercises with multiple strikes melding into a takedown. Blimey. We soon got over our awe and had fun with those. This gave way to Sensei John Hunt, who taught a variety of simple techniques that none of us knew. Oh, the knowledge! Sensei was assisted by Sensei Dave Rintoul, 5th Dan, as Uke ? see, there?s the Quality ? and managed to send him to the floor with a simple Palm Press with Finger Press. He built on this by screwing Sensei Dave into the floor by using a Palm applying downward pressure within an Arc. Sensei John related this to a Kata movement so unlocking one of its secrets.

Sensei Colin Humbles Demonstrating TechniqueAll clever stuff that we were still trying to practise when the Seminar was declared over.

At this point, I saw Sensei Earl Walker, 4th Dan, performing heroic work running the administration; you thought it ran smoothly by itself? In assembling the papers to record the student entries and competitions and note the judges, scribes, referees, helpers, he was probably the busiest person in the building as he bent over his laptop to pull the Event together. The proverbial Swan gliding serenely upon the still pool so you don?t notice the frenetic paddling below the surface. Oh, by-the-way, I?m most grateful for the informal snack bar with its tea, coffee, chocolate and pies and pasties cheerfully served.

Before we took lunch, Sensei Brian called on the North Kent JJ Kai to demonstrate both a children?s Ko Budo set supplemented by applied Ko Budo from Senseis Grant Wakeman and Eddie Garvey. It was a terrific display with all children making enviable execution of Jo versus Bokken, Nunchukas Pairs, Tonfa Pairs and all in unison. Grant and Eddie engaged in a practical Attack and Defence with the same weapons that saw each sail through the air. The spectators around me were agog at the skill and imagination on show and awed by the blood that sprang from Grant?s eyebrow after the Tonfa got too close. Still, it did not bother him as he carried on to the completion. A thoroughly enjoyable exposition of martial skill that enthralled many a spectator.

Female GroundfightingAfter Lunch, the Hall had been magically re-set, with Mats 1-8 with Tables, Chairs and Water for the Judges. The competitions were to begin but before this took place, all the competitors and seminar attendees assembled in their Clubs to perform a March On. There some 30 or so Clubs, from Banbury, Cornwall, Louth, London, Swindon and even Essex (well, quite a few from that particular county).

I was seconded to help Sensei Chris Shepperd on Mat 6 for Senior Random Attack Dan Grade and was called on to Uke for Lorna Crump and Luke Shipwright. It?s OK the bruises are clearing up nicely. Seriously, they were good but the only weakness was probably me. I then got called on to compete myself and did OK but my opponent did better so I was back to helper status. I stayed to watch the Purple to Browns Random Attack and saw Emma Probets, OEL, win Gold with Rob Line, Imperial, win Silver. It was very close and was to a very high standard so well done to each.

Juniors SparringBack to help or hinder Sensei Chris, I watched the very competitive sparring. It made me aware of yet another area to improve in myself and the value of Master Kan?s kicking drill in the earlier seminar. The Belgians were very well schooled and it showed. Guy Middleton 2nd Dan called on his extensive martial arts experience to win Gold and Tom Wyld 1st Dan, NKJJK won Bronze.

As Mat 6 wound down, I wandered over to Mat 8 and ended up doing Empty Hand Kata and then followed it by Weapons (Ko Budo). My sensei returned from hospital with his eyebrow glued (yes, really) and won both Golds. Now, there?s a standard for which to aim.

Weapons Kata - TonfaIn the background, I espied Mat 4 Pairs Demos and saw Sensei Steve Hobday and Wendy Rosser (3rd Dans) perform a detailed and enthusiastic Kata. They rightly won Gold but were chased by Simone and Roger Harvey (1st Kyus) who won Silver with another excellent Kata.
In the foreground came the Women?s Groundfighting and Genevieve Frohlich win Gold against Nazarella Scianguetta of NKJJK. Nazarella surprised many as to get there she beat both a Black and a Brown Belt. As a Yellow Belt these were terrific performances.

GroundfightingThe children were also very busy in Sparring, Groundfighting, Random Attack and more. There were loads of them and they all demonstrated commitment and a well-balanced bearing whether they won or lost. Additionally, Sensei Sheila Dixon apparently commented on the improved skills of the juniors. Now there?s a feather in the caps of all those teaching Senseis!

GroundfightingA large gathering by Mat 6 showed that the Men?s Senior Groundfighting was in session and I went across to see Willy Murley 2nd Dan grappling with John Suleyman. This was a very competitive bout and wholly technical as each fought for Grip, Guard Position and countered each other with a fluency that spoke well of their knowledge and commitment. Willy edged it by Arm-bar but it had been fascinating to watch.


The competitions, over the medal ceremony took place and it was a pleasure to witness the joy it gave to so many children who had competed so wholeheartedly. The Pee Wee section was widely applauded and included a Standing Ovation for all but particularly for 5 year old Bethany Williams, who won the hearts of many a spectator winning 2 Silver Medals in Sparring and Random Attacks. As I have never won a medal in either category, I may have to ask her for some tips.

Kids Line Up after CompetitionWell, you see there was so much going on that sometimes you can only appreciate part of it. They will be the seniors of tomorrow so it?s appropriate for all seniors to provide the correct example now for them to emulate.

The International over, everyone embarked onto the evening?s entertainment. A lovely Carvery meal was taken followed by the always essential and popular ?Disco?. This led to Mr Bywater reminding everyone of his Rugby background and various renditions of songs of that ilk. So, Lee, ?Why was you born so beautiful? Why was you born at all??? Ah, the poetry of the lyrics. Tony Park then sought to cap it by launching into ?The Lumberjack Song? and, yes, ?he?s OK? because ?he laughs all night, and he sleeps all day?.

Er, did I mention the Fireworks on the Pier? Oh, yes, just now.

Waepons Kata - Bo (6' Staff)Final note is to thank all those helpers who I saw running about to make it so conspicuous a success. In no particular order, Vince Bull (Organiser for the day), Sarah Bull (special thanks for Sarah who organised the hotels and evening entertainments especial as the event was double booked and dates were changed), Lee Bywater, Tony Parks and there team for organising mats for the day) Alan Stone (Hall and sound system), Earl Walker (Competition organiser) Ray Egleton and Chris Barnham (Security), Lorraine Egleton , Jackie Walker, Steph Mindel, Ann and Terry Kitchener, Steve Cole, Dave Gadd, Sandy MacKay, Roger Bunnage, and apologies to the many I have missed out. Well, it was a very busy day with so much to see!

Thanks also to Sensei Brian for leading such a successful International and here?s to 2008.

From Brian Herbert

A big thank you to Peter, for the Report, from Sensei Brian Herbert.

And the following received from our friends in Belgium:

Dear Brian, Dear Friend

I hope you can look back to a very successful week-end. Anyway for us it has been very pleasant and successful. Your hospitality was great and everything went very well. Our students that also had participated last year found this year even better that the previous one and they already have expressed their wishes to participate to the next year edition.
Hassan Emankaf

Dear Brian,
I would like to thank you for the great week-end you organised with your team. We had a very good time at Southend, not only on the tatami but we enjoyed also very much your great hospitality.
Please pass our very best regards and congratulations for the job well done to Sarah and to Earl.
Best regards
Marc DeSchrijver

Results of Jikishin BJJA (GB) National Championships Southend 2006

Junior Events
Random Attacks - White / Yellow
Gold Medal Oussama Ait Boumhand Anderlecht - BE
Silver Medal Marie De Witt Diksmuide - BE
Bronze Medal Johnny Dawson OEL
Random Attacks - Orange
Gold Medal Megan Smith Brentwood & Southend  
Silver Medal Tyler Williams Stanford le Hope
Bronze Medal Shelby Trowers Southend
Random Attacks - Green
Gold Medal Koen Leemans Wichelen - BE
Silver Medal Charlotte Bridger Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Kathryn Smith Becontree
Random Attacks - Blue
Gold Medal Amy Lucas Becontree
Silver Medal Luke Egelton Becontree
Bronze Medal Robert Woodgate Becontree
Random Attacks - Purple
Gold Medal Debbie Widdick OEL
Silver Medal Max Fitch Billericay
Bronze Medal Anthony Noe Becontree
Random Attacks - Brown
Gold Medal James Edmonds  
Silver Medal Roxanne Carney OEL
Bronze Medal Ben Reeves OEL
Random Attacks - Pee Wee aged 6 to 7
Gold Medal Emily Standing Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Bethany Williams Stanford le Hope
Bronze Medal Billy Cleary Hando JJJC
Sparring - Girls 40 kg and Under
Gold Medal Georgia Jackson Hando JJJC
Silver Medal Lucy White Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Kathryn Smith Becontree
Sparring - Girls over 41 kg
Gold Medal Sanae El Maach Anderlecht - BE
Silver Medal Lauren McLardy NKJJK
Bronze Medal Jenny Smith Becontree
Sparring - Girls Pee Wee
Gold Medal Emily Standing Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Bethany Williams Stanford le Hope
Sparring - Boys 35 kg and Under
Gold Medal Tyler Bowers Stanford Warriors
Silver Medal Billy Bowers Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Elliot Page Stanford Warriors
Sparring - Boys 36 to 45 kg
Gold Medal Stuart Tryhorn Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Sami Amallou Anderlecht - BE
Bronze Medal Matt Goody Brentwood & Southend
Sparring - Boys 46 to 55 kg
Gold Medal Lloyd Young Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Alex Bridger Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Redmond Carney OEL
Sparring - 56 to 65 kg
Gold Medal Steven Charalambous Becontree
Silver Medal Joshua Locke Billericay
Bronze Medal Steven Doe Stanford Warriors
Sparring - Boys 66 kg and over
Gold Medal Ben Reeves OEL
Silver Medal Kevin Van der Bulcke Erpe - BE
Bronze Medal Fraser Simpson Hando JJJC
Sparring - Boys Pee Wee
Gold Medal Flynn Astbury Stanford Warriors
Silver Medal Ben Kelly Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Harry Docherty Becontree
Groundfighting - Girls 35 kg and Under
Gold Medal Bethany Powell NKJJK
Silver Medal Sophie Egelton Becontree
Bronze Medal Christina Marriage Tiptree
Groundfighting - Girls 36 to 46 kg
Gold Medal Lauren McLardy NKJJK
Silver Medal Claire Haynes OEL
Bronze Medal Lilly Wainwright Tiptree
Groundfighting - Girls 47 kg and Over
Gold Medal Sarah Davis Brentwood & Southend
Silver Medal Debbie Widdick OEL
Bronze Medal Natasha Clarke Becontree
Groundfighting - Pee Wee - Mixed
Gold Medal Ben Kelly Stanford Warriors
Silver Medal Flynn Astbury Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Callum Conquest Stanford Warriors
Groundfighting - Boys Under 35 kg
Gold Medal Elliot Page Stanford Warriors
Silver Medal Robert Woodgate Becontree
Bronze Medal Freddie Langdon Tiptree
Groundfighting - Boys 36 to 45 kg
Gold Medal Stuart Tryhorn Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Matthew Goody Brentwood & Southend
Bronze Medal Jordan Ives Brentwood & Southend
Groundfighting - Boys 46 to 55 kg
Gold Medal Lloyd Young Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Coen Leemans Wichelen - BE
Bronze Medal Anthony Noe Becontree
Groundfighting - Boys 56 to 65 kg
Gold Medal James Edmonds  
Silver Medal Joshua Locke Billericay
Bronze Medal Robert King Tiptree
Groundfighting - Boys 66 kg and Over
Gold Medal Tyler Hands  
Silver Medal Kevin Van der Bulcke Erpe - BE
Bronze Medal Jack Hutchins JK
Kata - Pairs Demonstration
Gold Medal Phillip & Nicole Knight-Stevenson NKJJK
Silver Medal Georgia Lucas & Katie Lucas Becontree
Bronze Medal Georgia Lucas & Lauren Cassidy Becontree / Stanford le Hope
Kata - White / Orange Belt - Open Hand
Gold Medal Emma Dickens Stanford Warriors
Silver Medal Sophie Asser NKJJK
Bronze Medal Trudi Kitchener NKJJK
Kata - Green / Blue Belt - Open Hand
Gold Medal Kathryn Smith Becontree
Silver Medal Robert Woodgate Becontree
Bronze Medal Isabella Brown Stanford Warriors
Kata - Purple / Brown Belt - Open Hand
Gold Medal Roxanne Carney OEL
Silver Medal Lauren Cassidy Stanford le Hope
Bronze Medal Lois Shipwright Harlow
Kata - White / Orange - Weapons
Gold Medal Sophie Asser NKJJK
Silver Medal Bradley Ainscough Stanford Warriors
Bronze Medal Sam Smith JK
Kata - Green / Blue - Weapons
Gold Medal Tyler Bowers Stanford Warriors
Silver Medal Phillip Knight-Stevenson NKJJK
Bronze Medal Sarah Mitchell Becontree
Kata - Purple / Brown - Weapons
Gold Medal Ben Reeves OEL
Silver Medal Lauren Cassidy Stanford le Hope
Bronze Medal Joe Blake Stanford le Hope
Senior Events
Senior Random Attacks - White / Orange Belt
Gold Medal Sharon Siebert Diksmuide - BE
Silver Medal Dave Poulter Billericay
Bronze Medal Jean-Marc Vanhassel Diksmuide - BE
Senior Random Attacks - Green / Blue Belt
Gold Medal Arne Everaert Diksmuide - BE
Silver Medal Jason Woolmer Billericay
Bronze Medal Donald Brown South Ockenden
Senior Random Attacks - Purple / Brown Belt
Gold Medal Emma Probets OEL
Silver Medal Rob Line Imperial
Bronze Medal Simon Kingdon Tiptree
Senior Random Attacks - Black Belt
Gold Medal Stefan Stayaert Diksmuide - BE
Silver Medal Faitha Kellouch Anderlecht - BE
Bronze Medal Wendy Roser OEL
Veterans Random Attacks - White / Brown
Gold Medal Sally Lacey OEL
Silver Medal Roger Devries Callington, Cornwall
Veterans Random Attacks - Open
Gold Medal Steve Dickens Stanford le Hope
Silver Medal Danny Searle Becontree
Bronze Medal Simon Cook Becontree
Senior Sparring - Women Open Weight
Gold Medal Vanessa English Norwich
Silver Medal Emma Probets OEL
Bronze Medal Stephy Deschrijver Erpe - BE
Senior Sparring - Men 70 kg and Under
Gold Medal Darren Bird Southend
Silver Medal Ismael Taghzou Anderlecht - BE
Bronze Medal Paul Anthony Harlow & Ongar
Senior Sparring - Men 71 to 80 kg
Gold Medal Guy Middleton Harlow JJC
Silver Medal Hassan Saybak Anderlecht - BE
Bronze Medal Thomas Wyld NKJJK
Senior Sparring - Men 81 kg and Over
Gold Medal Luke Shipwright Harlow
Silver Medal J Fairhead Cheshunt
Bronze Medal Steve Calder Stanford le Hope
Groundfighting Women - 60 kg and Under
Gold Medal Greet Steeman Erpe - BE
Silver Medal Emma Probets OEL
Bronze Medal Holly George Imperial
Groundfighting Women - 61 kg and Over
Gold Medal Genevieve Frohlich Norwich
Silver Medal Nazarella Scianguetta NKJJK
Bronze Medal Stephy Deschrijver Erpe - BE
Groundfighting Men - 70 kg and Under
Gold Medal David Reade Hando JJJC
Silver Medal Darren Bird Southend
Bronze Medal Simon Kirkpatrick Southend
Groundfighting Men - 71 to 80 kg
Gold Medal Davy Maeschalck Erpe BE
Silver Medal Peter Gilmore OEL
Bronze Medal Peter Linthout Wichelen - BE
Groundfighting Men - 81 to 90 kg
Gold Medal Will Murley Hando JJJC
Silver Medal John Suleyman OEL
Bronze Medal John Calderwood Norwich
Groundfighting Men - 91 kg and Over
Gold Medal Luke Shipwright Harlow
Silver Medal John Fitch OEL
Bronze Medal Neil Richardson Billericay
Senior Pairs Demonstration
Gold Medal Wendy Roser & Steve Hobday OEL
Silver Medal Simone Harvey & Roger Harvey Stanford le Hope
Bronze Medal Stephan Stayaert & Arne Everaert Dikmuide - BE
Weapons Kata
Gold Medal Grant Wakeman NKJJK
Silver Medal Guy Middleton Harlow
Bronze Medal Carrie Bywater OEL
Open Hand Kata
Gold Medal Grant Wakeman NKJJK
Silver Medal Carrie Bywater OEL
Bronze Medal Wendy Roser OEL