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Ireland International Results 2005


Medal Winners
Medal Name Event Club
Gold Medal WILL MURLEY Men's Groundfighting 70/79 kg Hando JJJC
Gold Medal VINNY SULLIVAN Junior Weapons Kata Hornchurch/Dagenham
Gold Medal VINNY SULLIVAN Junior Open Hand Kata Hornchurch/Dagenham
Gold Medal MARK BYWATER Random Attacks - Purple/Brown OEL
Silver Medal WILL MURLEY Open Hand Kata Hando JJJC
Silver Medal CHRIS RICHARDSON Men's Ground Fighting 80/89 kg Hando JJJC
Silver Medal BRIAN DOCHERTY Men's Sparring over 90 kg Becontree
Silver Medal HARRY FITZGERALD Under 11 Junior Open Hand Kata Hornchurch/Dagenham
bronze Medal PETER NEWBY Open Hand Kata Hornchurch/Dagenham
bronze Medal EMMA CREASY Junior Kata Hornchurch/Dagenham
bronze Medal EMMA CREASY Junior Weapons Kata Hornchurch/Dagenham
bronze Medal EMMA CREASY & VINNY SULLIVAN Junior Pairs Demo Hornchurch/Dagenham
bronze Medal DANIEL CAMPBELL Junior Random Attacks - Yellow/Orange Hornchurch/Dagenham
bronze Medal STEVE SPICER Men's Groundfighting under 69 kg Cheshunt
bronze Medal LEE BYWATER Men's Groundfighting 80/80 kg OEL
bronze Medal TONY PARK Men's Groundfighting OVER 90 kg OEL
bronze Medal JASON HOWARD Men's Sparring 77/89 kg Wakarishin


Ireland International Report

Report From The International Course & Championships - Ireland 2005.

Jikishin England Team 2005As per previous years Jikishin Ju-Jitsu were well represented at this year?s course & championships. A group of 55 members made the trip over to Letterkenny, Ireland to attend, train and compete in the annual event.

Arriving very early on the Friday morning at Belfast Airport meant the group had plenty of time to wander around enjoying the sights and I believe some of the bars/pubs of Letterkenny. Of course for many it was early to bed in preparation for the next days gruelling event.

The morning kicked off with the usual welcome speeches and introduction of the instructors by Josie Murray the events host and Terry Parker the M.C for the day. A pretty impressive list of instructors being introduced ranging from 6th Dan?s to 10th Dan. After this everyone was then invited to sit down to enjoy an impressive display of Irish Dancing.
The costumes were lovely, the girls were fit and it gave a great start to the day.

Following this was the warm-up.!!!! I gladly was unable to take part in this being kept busy with sorting out the morning?s competition problems. I say gladly for no other reason than I saw all of the Jikishin team hobbling the next day. The girl taking the warm up was certainly fit and must have calf muscles like iron. The 20minutes or so certainly did warm them all up and I think they were all pleased to be able to get on the mat and get on with their Ju-Jitsu.

Ireland 2005 Course InstructorsTraining commenced with the usual 20minute turn around on each mat. A total of 10 mats were in use with around 14 different instructors. Terry Parker & John Hunt were the teachers representing Jikishin England. It would be perhaps unfair to single out any particular instructor, as all of them kept their mats happy and after the training there were so many comments flying around of everyone?s favourite mat or favourite technique. It was a pleasure to see so many pupil?s on the mat from South Africa. They brought over a team of 41 persons, mainly juniors who had made the long trip just to attend the weekend.

The course finished at lunchtime and the competitions commenced. Sadly we had no team competing this year, but hopefully next year will be a different matter. Jikishin certainly did extremely well and full credit must go to our juniors who did so well and who were totally unfazed by the enormity of the occasion. Credit must also go to Mark & Claire Fitzgerald who were responsible for preparing these juniors for the event.

Each and every Jikishin competitor gave 100% and though all were not successful they couldn?t have tried any harder. It was especially good to see young Willy Murley gaining two medals after having had such a bad year due to health problems.

Jikishin England Team in England StripAfter the medal?s were presented it was a quick dash back to the hotel, to have a shower and get ready for the evenings entertainment. The evening started with a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant which everyone was more than ready for. Around 10p.m. we then all began to make our way to ?Josie?s Bar? for the disco. The evening was as they say a real ?crack?. The entertainment started off with another dance group doing disco dance routines. These girl?s really can dance and were applauded rapturously by all present. The only thing that topped this was when the weekends organisers Josie Murray and his partner Theresa Patton took the dance floor. I couldn?t even begin to start to describe the dancing, but it certainly brought the house down. Josie?s flexibility knows no bounds, and anyone who was present will testify to this fact. Splits/Box Splits/Leaps/Twists and Turns were all part of their dance routine. Everyone partied well in to the night and I might add early morning. All that was left after a few hours sleep was to relax/chill out or enjoy the superb leisure facilities of the hotel before our journey back home.

It was an excellent weekend, much enjoyed by all those present. Congratulations to all those who brought home medals. Better luck next time to those who didn?t and a big thank you to Josie & Theresa for giving us such a great and memorable time.

Janet Parker

Pictures by Mark Fitzgerald.