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Progressive Steps

Progression is about taking steps to improve.

The novice, starting on his or her Ju Jitsu career, is about to take an intelligent and progressive step, which provides both mental and physical benefits not only in the immediate future but also for the rest of their lives.
Ju Jitsu tends to even out differences of size, weight, height and reach. The possessor of Ju Jitsu skills gains tremendous self-confidence, and this usually translates to other parts of their lives.

Samurai On HorseThe skills and knowledge learned are in themselves sufficient to subdue an aggressor, however strong or vicious. An experienced student of Ju Jitsu will be ready to respond, unarmed, in any situation, regardless of the direction from which the attack comes.
The novice will learn poise and assurance, to be mentally cool and alert in the face of danger and will begin to experience the kind of self-restraint, which comes only with supreme self-confidence.

The Kanji (Japanese writing symbols) for Ju Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu as it is sometimes spelt), consists of two parts: Ju meaning "gentle, pliable, virtuous, and to submit" and Jitsu means "art, science or technique" - therefore Ju Jitsu is the "gentle art". In meaning, and in fact, Ju Jitsu depends not on brute strength but on knowledge of psychology, physiology, anatomy, body mechanics, and skill that comes from practice in making specific, trained in responses with the hands, feet & body to gain an advantage over an opponent, often of greater size, strength and weight.

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