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Practice Is Essential

Only through practice can one truly master any art.

Practice - and lots of it - is essential. To become a true expert in Ju Jitsu requires many years hard, dedicated training. However, one of the advantages of Ju Jitsu is that many of the simpler Practising The Bo - 6 Foot Stafftechniques, taught in the early stages, may be adapted to an emergency situation.
These are usually enough to put mastery in the hands of the average person who may find it necessary to defend him or herself against an assailant who has superior strength, or indeed, who may be armed. The initial skills are enough to allow the average person to defend themselves against the average attacker.
Ju Jitsu is not a sport and is practiced under strict supervision to ensure that training remains, as far as can be achieved, injury free. The techniques must be practised with care and consideration for the training partner, in order to ensure the safety of everyone who is training.

In Judo, a modern sport derivation of Ju Jitsu, friends can compete because dangerous techniques have been removed and because certain rules and prohibitions are imposed in order to avoid injury to the participants. For instance; strikes, kicks and punches are forbidden; wrist and ankle locks are also not allowed. This is not the case with Ju Jitsu, which is designed for self-defence.
Training is strictly supervised in order to prevent unnecessary injuries. Unlike many fighting systems, strength is not a major factor in Ju Jitsu; rather balance, leverage, speed, skill and knowledge are required to enable available strength to be applied to the greatest advantage.

There is, of course, a sport side to Ju Jitsu, and many of our members compete, and have been very successful, at Jikishin Competitions, UKMAGB British Championships, Euro-Budo International Competitions, and even the World Games. The various categories for competition include sparring, ground-fighting, random attacks, and open hand and weapons Kata.
There truly is something for everyone in Ju Jitsu.

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