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Results and the Event Report by Sensei Peter McCarney

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Photographs from the Jikishin 2015 Course & Competition.

2015 Competition Photos

2015 Results

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Photographs from the Jikishin 2014 Competition.

2014 Competition Photos

2014 Medals

2014 Results

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Photographs from the Jikishin 2013 Course & Competition.

2013 Course

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2013 Medals

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Report by Peter McCarney


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Medal Winner & Photographs from the Jikishin 2010 Course & Competition.

2012 Photo Album 1

2012 Photo Album 2

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Those of you who had their photos taken by the I'm Famous Team at the 2012 Course & Championships can order these here.


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Sensei Herbert has designated the Wednesday Club at East Tilbury as an Instructors Club, in addition to normal training.

For details

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It Is With Huge Regret & Sadness That We Announce The Loss Of A Much Loved & Respected Ju Jitsu Leader

Renshi Sandy Mackay 6th Dan

Renshi Sandy MacKay 6th Dan


Sandy has a long history with Ishigaki and its parent organisation, Jikishin. He started training at Ishigaki in 1994, shortly after the club was founded. He was already a brown belt in Judo and progressed through the Jikishin syllabus quickly: within five years he had become the third Ishigaki student to grade to black belt. Always community minded, he joined the club's then management committee and, along with the other committee members, founded Ishigaki Brighton, travelling down at the weekends to teach.

Over the years he served as membership secretary, club treasurer and Head Sensei. In the last few years, he helped lay the foundations for Ishigaki's next thirty years, separating the club's teaching 'in dojo' function from its administrative function, leading the transition of Ishigaki into a Community Interest Company and becoming the CICs first president. He leaves Ishigaki a strong LGBT+ club, running adult classes 6 days a week over 4 locations, with the highest membership in its almost 30-year history.

In March 2022 Hanshi Herbert awarded Sandy sixth dan. A belt he was particularly proud to have received.

Sandy taught his many students with kindness, patience, and good humour. So many people will have deeply treasured memories of their time with him on and off the mats. For many of us, his passion for jujitsu was infectious and the reason we still train today. His willingness to explore and be receptive of new methods of reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community and build membership paid dividends. His talent was to explore and encourage and motivate those, whatever their belt, within the club that had a different skill set to him, to Ishigaki's best advantage. He was also an LGBT pioneer and role model. LGBT sports clubs did n't exist 30 years ago like they do today. They had to be started, and supported, and led, by people who did so in the face of indifference at best, and at worst by both covert and overt opposition. Sandy stood up for himself, and for all of us, in his membership and subsequent leadership of Ishigaki; in the jujitsu that he embodied, in his teaching, and in the relationships that he made.

He fostered many meaningful friendships across Jikishin, becoming a regular at gradings, ko-budo, revision days and competitions.

Jujitsu took Sandy all over the world, forging links with LGBT martial artists across the globe. The Gay Games, Pink Power, OutGames, and Tournoi International de Paris took him to Sydney, Cologne, Cleveland, Paris and Munich, where he competed, officiated, refereed and taught. He later joined the board of directors for the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists and was most recently their vice president and delegate to the Federation of Gay Games. While recently reminiscing, he confessed one of his highlights was travelling to Paris ahead of the 2018 Gay Games in order to train the French Karate Federation judges on how to referee the competition.

In 2022 he won the Outstanding Achievement prize at the Out for Sports award ceremony, where they recognised him for his long commitment to LGBT sports.

Sandy has been a very modern leader of Ishigaki and a cherished Sensei (in every sense of the word). Ishigaki will be his proud legacy for the sport he loved.

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Swindon Ju Jitsu Course And Competition 2019

Report by Sensei Peter McCarney and photos by Sensei David Gadd.

Swindon Course 2019 - Line Up

Swindon Ju Jitsu held their customary Annual Course and Competition on Saturday 3rd August at their Dojo based in the Oliver Tomkins School. This superb facility is bright, airy and very welcoming as a place to train. We were hosted by Senseis Steve Cole and Baj Bharj, both 6th Dan and their students, Sensei Dave Gadd, 4th Dan, Lewis Kidd, Tim Elliot, both Brown Belts and more. The Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association group was led by Hanshi Brian Herbert, 9th Dan, Head of the Association & Chief Instructor, Senseis Ann Kitchener, 5th Dan, Terry Kitchener, Andy Jones, Wayne Williams, 4th Dan and more. Regrets from Shihans Ricky Izod and Graham Sargent, both 7th Dan, who were already on their Summer hols.

Swindon Course 2019 - Steve Cole & Baj Barj Demonstrating TechniqueShihans Steve and Baj opened the Event welcomed everyone and thanked all students, and the instructors who had travelled from London, Kent & Essex, for attending. Attendees included a pair of Brown Belts all the way from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Sensei Baj works, and in his spare time, teaches Traditional Ju Jitsu in accordance with the Official Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association syllabus.



Swindon Course 2019 - Hanshi Brian Herbert Demonstrating Escape from Rear Naked Choke StandingI was fortunate in that Hanshi Brian started on the mat I was on and demonstrated a Hand drill in which he lightly Trapped a Punch, allowing him to overturn the Attacking Hand, Block Down and so Riposte. We worked through a number of repetitions and then worked the Drill on the Left, 'cos (whisper it quietly) some people are Left Handed. It also allows for a more 'balanced' martial artist able to execute Technique on both sides; right and left-handed. Hanshi Brian also showed how to Break a Rear Naked Choke hold dependent on Hand placement. In exploring this, Hanshi also showed how the position changes depending on whether one is standing or prone. Go to a class to learn this better; never try any of this at home, there are elements deliberately omitted.

Swindon Course 2019 - Sensei Ann Kitchener KickingHanshi moved onto another mat and we welcomed Senseis Steve and Baj on to our mat. Both showed a wide range of technique and skills that are a feature of the ambit of our Mother Art, Ju Jitsu, and ? of course ? their high grade as very senior Black Belts. For Sensei Steve, we saw a superb set of Techniques that allowed for Receiving the Attack, Breaking the Balance of the Attacker and working through options. One of these became my personal favourite for the day. Sensei Baj complemented this by illustrating correct Kicking and Striking. He personally improved my Kicking and that of Sensei Ann, with whom I was training at that time. The range of Kicking was excellent and so was the flexibility!


Sensei Wayne Williams, 4th Dan, rotated onto the mat and gave an exposition of Kata. This was done in an exemplary manner. For instance, Sensei Wayne took Pinan Shodan (or it might have been Pinan Heidan ? you'll have to ask him or go train with him) and showed the kata movement. He then showed the Application ? the "Jitsu" of the movement and showed how it could vary with other interpretations. The only limiting factor being the imagination of the student. In another example, he took the opening sequence of Black Belt 1st Blocking Kata and showed the options available to him depending on the context be it, Strike, Block, Lock, Control and more. Breaking Balance and a Finish were implicit and Sensei Wayne made them Swindon Course 2019 - explicit. Very thought-provoking for those who practice diverse Kata but may be unsure of the Application. I am leaving out one very important lesson revealed by Sensei Wayne but that's because you should have been there. It did confirm something I learned some time ago from the Late, Great Sensei John Hunt, 8th Dan about the intrinsic nature of Kata. So I'm not going to tell you?

We took a well-earned break for a short Lunch and resumed afterwards when Sensei Ann and Sensei Terry took our mat. Both demonstrated some simple and effective Knife Defences that did not rely on exaggerated evasive Movement. All were more in keeping with natural evasion from the shock fear of being threatened with a knife. All meshed perfectly with our natural fighting stance and initial movement.

Hanshi Brian Presents Medal to ScarlettThe afternoon also allowed for the children students to learn some drills from Hanshi Brian, assisted by Sensei Andy. These included Bus Stop and also Sitting On A Garden Bench and more. All were picked up quickly by the youngsters and demonstrated to the whole Dojo. Great stuff!

Whilst we continued our own training practices under the senior sensei, both Hanshi Brian and Sensei Andy took the children through Random Attacks and more and this formed the central feature as we prepared to round off the Training Day with the medals ceremony.

We had had a Great Day ? as always ? and look forward to 2020's Course and Competition!

Thanks to Senseis Steve, Baj, Dave and whole Swindon Ju Jitsu Club for their ever-warm Welcome and to Oliver Tomkins School for being a Great place to train.


Jikishin Announces New International Member in Vietnam - Trip to Vietnam & Australia 2018 / 2019

Shihan Stephen Cosgrave of Jikishin Australia is heading to Ho Chi Minh City in visit the brand new member school of Jikishin Ju-Jitsu Vietnam to officiate at their first gradings.

Shihan Steve Cosgrave with H Quan NguyenSensei H Quan Nguyen 3rd Dan (Jikishin recognised grade) has been appointed Head of School in Ho Chi Minh City and from all reports has a fast growing student base. All members are very excited about their upcoming gradings on the 5th May. We will also be holding a multi style martial arts seminar to be held on the 6th May where Shihan Cosgrave will be instructing and providing intensive training on the Jikishin syllabus in Ho Chi Minh at their full time Dojo.

We would like to thank and congratulate Quan on this great milestone for his school, and welcome him to the Jikishin family.

Sensei Peter McCarney is currently looking into a trip to Vietnam & Australia proposed for 2019 /2020, dates / details / cost to be confirmed.

First Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Fighting Championships - Sparring & Groundfighting

Mark Hall Sport Centre17th June 2018 9:30am - 2:30pm
Mark Hall Sport Centre, London Road, Harlow, CM17 9LR - Map

Our first Fighting Championships will take place with new rules for some categories.

Groundfighting Championships

By Weight / Grade / Male & Female
Juniors (up to 13 years old - Hold Downs - No Submissions)
Young Adults (14 to 16 years old - Submissions - No Chokes or Strangles)
Adults (16 to 40)
Seniors (41 plus - if enough entries)

Sparring Champs

By Weight / Grade / Male & Female- No Straight Strikes to Face
Juniors (up to 13 years old - No Head Strikes)

Young Adults (14 to 16 years old - Strikes to head - No Head Kicks)

For more details

Jikishin Team at EuroBudo Random Attacks Championships April 2017 - Halle

Jikishin / UKMAGB Team at EuroBudo International Random Attacks Championships 2017

Team Report by Peter McCarney


Changes to Instructors & Dan Grades Classes

Wednesdays at Tilbury Dojo

Starting in January 2017 we are setting up a new structure to the adult Wednesday class at East Tilbury Dojo.

This will now be run by the three sensei?s see below:
Hanshi Brian Herbert 9th Dan
Shihan Graham Sargeant 7th Dan
Shihan Ricky Izod 7th Dan

The purpose is so that anyone and everyone will have the option of getting one to one or a group personnel training if you request or need it
This will also allow normal running of the main class but now more in depth personal improvements are available.

Lots of you already use the class but this will give more structure to helping training needs or just checking syllabus work etc.
This does not take preference to your own club it is merely a support class.

For further information, please contact Hanshi Brian Herbert.

Fireworks at Jikishin / UKMAGB International Course & Championships

Jikishin Ju Jitsu / UKMAGB Championships 2016 - The Line Up

A fantastic day and evening was experienced by all the students, Instructors and organisers and helpers on the 5th December 2016, at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Tilbury, Essex where teams from clubs in the UK, and our great friends from Belgium competed for National and International medals.

A very special thank you to Sensei Sarah Bull and Sensei Colin Humbles for the smooth, efficient and effective Organisation. Brilliant job!

The course saw Senior UK & International Instructors, up to 9th Dan, demonstrating techniques and teaching on the mats. Competitions were held in Sparring, Ground Fighting, Random Attacks, Open Hand Kata, Weapons Kata & Pairs Demonstrations. With more than 170 competitors, many competing in several events, challenging for medals, with a field of over 400 entries.

We saw some great fights and stiff competition at the Championships with both UK and Belgian competitors work very hard for their prizes.

For Photos of Courser & Competition and Medal Winners - See sidebar.

Full Results & Report of Course & Championships to follow

Hanshi Brian Herbert Awarded 9th Dan Grade

Hanshi Herbert awarded 9th Dan2016 - Hanshi Brian Herbert - Head of Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association & Chairman of the UKMAGB was awarded his 9th Dan (Kudan) at the Euro Budo Random Attacks International Competition held in Taranto, Italy 2016.

Our congratulations to Hanshi Herbert -who has been practising and teaching Ju Jitsu for more than 35 years - on the award, and on achieving one of the highest grades in the world of Ju Jitsu.

The Grade Award was ratified by Association Heads across Europe, and is richly deserved.

Jikishin/UKMAGB Team Compete in Euro Budo Random Attacks Competition 2016 in Italy - The Italian Job

The Jikishin/UKMAGB Random Attack Team won 2 medals at the prestigious Random Attack Championships held in Taranto, Italy.

Full Report Here

Shihan Steve Cosgrave meets Australian Prime Minister

Shihan Stev Cosgrave meets Australian PM Malcolm TurnbullShihan Cosgrave - 5th Dan recently met with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull, and was able speak to him about the role of martial arts in the community and how effective it is for children in the prevention of bullying, the growth of confidence, and the education of the public about how to remove oneself from a dangerous situation.

The binge drinking culture in Australia reflects what is happening in the UK, and young people being "king hit" or "coward punched?, as it is called in Australia is becoming an community issue and Jikishin are taking steps to educate people from all walks of life how to notice the signs of a bad situation and get out of them without causing injury to themselves or any one else.

Jikishin Australia have been accepted as a member club to the Queensland Governments "Get Started" sport initiative where the Government will provide monetary vouchers to students who otherwise would not be able to afford tuition. We currently have 10 students in this scheme

This has led us to the provision of a scholarship scheme with local businesses who might be in a position to sponsor a child for 12 months worth of classes. The intention is to take this further with local schools who, it is hoped, will propose students they believe would benefit from such an arrangement.

The change of location in Queensland has resulted in an increase in students recruited, with 11 already signing up since beginning classes in January.

The new website can be found at the Jikishin Australia Website.

Hanshi Brian Herbert Awards Title of Shihan to 3 Senior Instructors

Message from Hanshi Brian Herbert, 17th December 2015

We have three 7th Dans who help me with the progression of Ju Jitsu and the teaching of instructors as well as students in our association.


Sensei - Club instructor/teacher


Master teacher is a Japanese term, often used in Japanese martial arts as an honorific title for expert or senior instructors. The term is frequently used interchangeably with English terms such as "master instructor". Must be 7th Dan and above.


Very senior expert considered a "Teacher of teachers". This title is used by many different arts for the top few instructors of that style, and is sometimes translated "Grand Master". The "Han" in Hanshi means "example, model" and indicates "a teacher that can serve as an ideal model for others", or a ?senior master?. Hanshi may be awarded to the modern day rank of 8th and above.

This is a very special title representing the highest levels of martial arts, political involvement as a practitioner, be seen as an innovator, a teacher of and show personal growth an in depth understanding of their relevant style.

Hanshi and Shihan use the same letters.

With the above in mind, I award the title of Shihan to Ricky Izod, Graham Sargeant and Chris Sheppard.

All three regularly attend my senior black class for improvements training, assisting, and also teach senior grades at my club and at their own clubs.

Many thanks and have a great Christmas and New Year.

Hanshi Brian Herbert 9th Dan

20 Successful Dan Gradings - December 2015

The UKMAGB/Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Dan Gradings were held at East Tilbury on 6th December 2015.

Certificates were presented by Hanshi Brian Herbert at the Jikishin Annual Christmas Ball & Dan Grade Celebration at the prestigious Orsett Hall Hotel, in Essex.

Jikishin Ju Jitsu Dan Gradings 6th December 2015

Ricky Izod 7th Dan, Graham Sargeant 7th Dan, Chris Sheppard 7th Dan
Colin Humbles 6th Dan
Earl Walker 5th Dan
Jackie Walker 4th Dan, Keith Johnson 4th Dan
Martin Kidd 3rd Dan, Chris Carter 2nd Dan, Paul Lyus 2nd Dan, Leon Clark 2nd Dan, Paul Woodhouse 2nd Dan, Faye Scott 2nd Dan, Ray Archer 2nd Dan, Gary Bone 2nd Dan, Blair Toner 2nd Dan
Daniel Minter 1st Dan, Mark Scott 1st Dan, Travis Moles 1st Dan, Trudy Kitchener 1st Dan

UKMAGB / Jikishin National Course & Championships 2015

The Jikishin Competition Organisation Team and Officials

The UKMAGB / Jikishin Competition Organisation Team and Officials

The UKMAGB / Jikishin National Course & Championships were held at a new and prestigious venue at the Great Hall, The London Cruise Terminal, Tilbury. The venue was kindly provided by the Port of London Authority, and is a beautiful location.

A huge thank you to the organising team, especially to Sarah Bull and Colin Humbles who worked so very hard to ensure that the event ran so smoothly, and to the many, many volunteers, referees, judges, scribes, dressers, runners and oranisers who helped before the event and on the day. A fantastic job from all.


Results and the Event Report by Sensei Peter McCarney

Jikishin Australia Visit to Vietnam 2015

Shihan Steve Cosgrave 5th Dan - Head of Jikishin Australia

Jikishin Australia travelled to Vietnam for a 2nd time in March 2015 where they were again welcomed by Aiki Jujitsu. Training over 3 nights, techniques including baton and knife defences were shared successfully despite language barriers between the 2 schools, with Shihan Stephen Cosgrave sending 2 of his students, Lachlan Slater and Suzanne Butler into the fray.

There is 3rd trip planned for September 2016, and all students from any Jikishin school across the world are welcome to come along for this cultural exchange.

Pictures From Vietnam Visit

Jikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015 Jikishin Australia LogoJikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015

Jikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015 Jikishin Australia LogoJikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015

Jikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015 Jikishin Australia LogoJikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015

Jikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015 Jikishin Australia LogoJikishin Australia Vietnam Visit 2015



Successful Ko Budo Seminar plus Introduction of Rapid Knife & Baton Defences

Attendees to the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Ko Budo & Rapid Knife & Baton Defence Seminar August 2015

The final of 2015 Ko Budo Seminar held on 15th August was well attended, and a number of students passed their weapons respective grades.

The new Rapid Knife & Baton Defences were introduced into the syllabus by Hanshi Brian Herbert, 8th Dan. The Rapid Knife Defences were devised by Sensei Ricky Izod, 6th Dan and Sensei Graham Sargeant, 6th Dan. The Rapid Baton Defences were devised by Hanshi Herbert.

The introduction of the excellent Rapid Knife & Baton Defences will continue to be taught on subsequent Ko Budo seminars through 2016.


Professors Janet & Terry ParkerR.I.P. Janet Parker

It is with immense regret and sorrow that we have to announce that Janet Parker, wife of Professor Terry Parker and cofounder of the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association, passed away peacefully at home on Friday 12th December 2014 surrounded by her loving family. Janet had been suffering with lung cancer.

Sensei Janet was loved by all who came into contact with her, a caring, loving person with a smile for everyone. Her warm and open personality, along with the fact that she always had time for a chat with anyone, her hard work and dedication to Jikishin was an inspiration to all who knew her. Janet made sure that she knew every Jikishin student and would warmly greet us all without fear or favour. Her memory for names and faces was the stuff of legend, and her enthusiasm, drive and devotion to her husband, children and family, not to mention her Ju Jitsu "family" was never in question.

Those who knew Janet well were never bereft of a kind word or gesture when Janet was around, she was always generous with her time, affection and thoughtfulness. Our world is a poorer place without her, but a better place for having had her in it. Janet will never be forgotten. Our thoughts are with her family at this time of enormous sadness.

Jikishin Australia Grading 2014 - Jikishin Australia Awards First Black Belt

Lyle Marsden - Jikishin Ju Jitsu Australia Gains 1st Dan Black BeltLyle Marsden was awarded his Black Belt - 1st Dan (Shodan) in an impressive display of his skills.

The Grading took place on Saturday 29th November 2014 in Melbourne. The Grading Panel consisted of Shihan Steve Cosgrave - Head of Jikishin Australia, Marcos Dorta - Australian Ju-Jitsu Federation state Representative for Victoria, and Ross Miller.

Left to Right: Marcos Dorta, Lyle Marsden, Steve Cosgrave, Ross Miller.


News Clipping



Euro Budo International Random Attacks Course & Competition 2014

Loughborough, UKThe Successful UK Team EBI Random Attacks 2014 - Loughborough

The UKMAGB was proud to hold the EBI Random Attacks 2014 International Competition with representatives from the UK, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy & Romania.

The UK Team won 7 of the 24 medals available in an exciting and superbly run competition at the fantastic facilities at Loughborough University.


Results, Report by Sensei Peter McCarney & Photographs.

Jikishin Ju Jitsu - Swindon Course 2014

By Sensei Peter McCarney

Another excellent course held at the Swindon Dojo by Sensei Steve Cole & the Jikishin Senior Senseis.

See the report and pictures.

Swindon Course 2014

Euro-Budo International Logo

A message from Lee Bywater
National Coach - Random Attacks

Euro-Budo International Random Attacks Squad Training & Selection

The team needs to gain sponsorship to cover the costs of the National Squad going to European Championships being held in Loughborough. If anyone is able to help with this please speak to me on Sunday, or contact me.
I have worked out a very rough cost which will cover Gi's, tracksuits, T-shirts, accommodation and travel to Loughborough to be around ?300 per person with a full squad including ukis and subs that's 34 people so we need to raise just over ?10,000.
Some of you have said you may have some contacts. The Euro committee are organising a presentation to give to any potential sponsors, and as soon as I get this I will send out. I am also looking for someone to assist with organising kit for the final squad, if any of you have contacts in this business and who may be prepared to give the team a great deal. please let me know.

Ko Budo Seminar - February 2014
Basildon Sporting Village

Jikishin Ko Budo (Weapons)  Seminar February 2014
The Ko Budo Seminar.

The Ko Budo (Weapons) seminar was held on Saturday 15th February 2014, at the superbly appointed Olympic venue in Basildon.

Run by the Jikishin Technical Committee, the seminar was well attended and hailed a success.

The JJJA Technical Committee

Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Technical Committee - February 2014

Clockwise from back:
Sensei Chris Shepperd, Sensei Ricky Izod, Sensei Graham Sergeant,
Hanshi Brian Herbert, Sensei Colin Humbles & Sensei Simon Powell.

Jikishin Team Participate in the Euro-Budo International Sport Fighting European Championships - Madrid

GB Team - EBI Sport Fighting - Madrid 2014

Jason Brooks - James Nicholls - Earl Walker - Mark Davey - David Mizon

A team of Jikishin Fighters joined others from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italians for the inaugural Euro-Budo Sport Fighting Championships in Madrid, Spain.

The team was led by National Sport Fighting Coach Earl Walker, and the competitors represented the Team GB with great spirit and determination. Jason Brooks - SOS - (injured and could not compete), Mark Davey - OEL, James Nichols - SOS, and David Mizon - Hando, and accompanied by Tony Mizon & Jackie Walker - Hando.

The team did exceptionally well in the circumstances, although no medals were won. The promotion of Sport Fighting is an exciting development within the arena of Sport Ju Jitsu, and is likely to be very interesting to all those who like to compete.

We would like to thank our hosts, the Spanish Federation FEJJYDA, and a special thank you to Angel and Rueben who made the international teams so welcome.

Photos from Madrid

Anatomy Quiz

Doing your Anatomy Exam for Black Belt? Try the

Anatomy Quiz